I am a visionary artist healer and inter-faith minister. My painting, poetry and study of mysticism have been a gateway into understanding myself and a glimpse into a greater reality that we seldom take time to explore.





May my art be a source of consolation,

peace and strength to all.








I am a refugee from South Africa having taken

a stand against apartheid in the late 70’s.


I have spent the last 20 years in England

involved in campaigns for justice, community

Work with children, healing and painting.


I have an enormous love for people and

constantly seek the advice of the Divine in

everything around me.


I believe that beauty and creativity heal the

heart, mind and soul in a way which no other

medicine can. I have managed to overcome

numerous challenges in my life and hope that

my art will prove an inspiration to all those

who wish to take on life whole-heartedly.


I paint mainly in acrylics on canvas and paper

but I also use mixed media and other

 techniques in some of my paintings. I enjoy using

the energetic property of colour to express hidden

dimensions of light and subtle vibrations

present in nature and life forms..